Concealed Carry Practical Applications – Beginner Level Force on Force




$75 / 3 Hrs. (min 4 students/max 8 students)

Are you counting on your 16 hours of concealed carry classroom training to keep you safe? Do you train under stress? Do you practice reality-based scenarios with an active threat? Our CCW Practical Applications course puts the student in a reality-based critical incident where they have to make quick decisions and react to a potential threat under stress. You should be prepared to get your heart rate pumping and your body moving. We will conduct classroom discussion about concealed carry aspects, time in our simulator room, and live reality-based scenarios. An airsoft (CO2 driven) gun will be used by the students during the exercise. Students will NOT be engaged with anything but inert training tools.


Because this course focuses on concealed carry applications, you must have a concealed carry license or certificate of training. Please bring a photo ID, eye protection, and wear comfortable everyday clothing and shoes. If you carry off-body, please bring the gear you use to carry your concealed firearm (purse, handbag, fanny pack, backpack, etc.).


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