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What is safeguard security?

We are a multi-faceted training operation. We see an overwhelming need to be prepared on every front. We stress the importance of not relying on one option when faced with trouble. That is why we offer such a wide range of personal protection courses.

Our professional instructors have years of training experience and a passion to teach and pass on their knowledge. They also continue to be students of personal defense with the constant intention to never stop learning.

Self Defense & Personal Safety

Defensive Pistol

Illonis Concealed Carry

Who Should Train WIth Us?

We welcome any and all skill levels. We offer courses for brand new shooters, advanced shooters and everyone in between. If you are new to personal defense, don’t worry about a thing. We can get you started on your journey and help you reach your safety and defensive goals.

Why Should You Train With US?

We aren’t just a shooting school. We can start you off from the ground level and teach you what you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones. We offer a wide variety of classes that include situational awareness, hand to hand techniques, defensive knife skills, first aid, defensive shooting, and much more.

Training with us will help you become a well-rounded protector able to Safeguard what is most precious to you.

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