One-on-One Instruction




$60/hour (Includes Range/Simulator Fees)


If you are looking for a more personal training experience, a private lesson is the way to go. One-on-One Instruction is available for any of the training we provide and can be tailored to fit your experience level.


Students must be at least 18 years old unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please bring a photo ID, a modern handgun in good working order, at least 100 rounds of factory loaded ammunition, ear and eye protection, and wear comfortable clothing (long pants, crew neck shirt, and a hat will help to protect against expended casings) and closed toe shoes.


You can bring your own or you can rent one from us. Please contact us for details.


Bring at least 100 rounds of factory loaded ammo or purchase some from the Tac Shack Pro-shop. No steel core, tracer, military surplus, or armor piercing rounds are permitted on our range.


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