Home Defense Planning and Application




$100 / 4 Hrs. (min 4 students/max 8 students)

Do you have a home defense plan? Does everyone in your household know the plan? Are you prepared for the aftermath of a home defense shooting? Our Home Defense course focuses on the necessary planning and proper application for defense against a violent home invasion. We will discuss the 5 fundamentals of home defense, the importance of having a plan, and the laws that protect you after you protect your family. This course also includes a live fire practical exercise.


Classroom materials will be provided. Please bring a photo ID, a modern handgun in working order, 50 rounds of factory loaded ammo, ear and eye protection, and wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes.

FIREARMS – You can bring your own handgun (preferably the one you use for home defense) or you can rent one from us. Contact us for details.

AMMUNITION – Bring at least 50 rounds of factory loaded ammo or purchase some from the Tac Shack Pro-shop. No steel core, tracer, military surplus, or armor piercing rounds are permitted on our range.


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