Handgun Fundamentals – Beginner Shooting

$50 / 2 Hrs. (min 3/max 6) Are you new to shooting? If you have never shot a gun before or you still have a bit of learning ahead of you, this course will get you on the right path. Our beginner’s shooting course focuses on marksmanship, sight alignment/sight picture, proper grip and stance, and […]

Handgun Fundamentals – Beginner (No Shooting)

$50 / 3 Hrs. (min 4/max 12) Are you new to firearms? If you are thinking of purchasing a handgun and you don’t know how to use one, this is the course for you. This course is also great for younger family members. Our beginner’s course focuses on gun safety, handgun functions and operation, proper […]

Defensive Pistol Skills – Advanced

$85 each or $150 for both/ 3 Hrs. each (min 2/max 6) Our advanced level defensive pistol course is a follow up to the beginner’s course. We will cover efficient defensive shooting skills, drawing from concealment, reloading and clearing malfunctions under stress, movement, and advanced shooting drills. Requirements: All participants must be at least 18 […]

Defensive Pistol Skills – Beginner

$85 each or $150 for both/ 3 Hrs. each (min 2/max 6) If you are new to defensive handgun training, this course is for you. Our beginner defensive pistol course focuses on the fundamentals of marksmanship and the transition to efficient defensive shooting skills. There will be a brief classroom discussion about safety and training […]

Hands-On Personal Defense / Women Only

$75 / 3 Hrs. (min 6 students/max 30 students) – discounts available Statistically, women are more likely to be targeted by attackers. Even if you have a concealed carry permit, you may still need to disengage from a threat in order to access a weapon. Our Women’s Only Hands-On Personal Defense course focuses on situational […]

Concealed Carry Practical Applications – Beginner Level Force on Force

$75 / 3 Hrs. (min 4 students/max 8 students) Are you counting on your 16 hours of concealed carry classroom training to keep you safe? Do you train under stress? Do you practice reality-based scenarios with an active threat? Our CCW Practical Applications course puts the student in a reality-based critical incident where they have […]

Improvised Weapons and Defense

$50/ 3 Hrs. (min 6/max 30) As many of us know, there is a really long list of places where it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon. Are you prepared to defend yourself without one? Our Improvised Weapons course focuses on the practical use of readily available, less than lethal (in most cases), and […]

Home Defense Planning and Application

$100 / 4 Hrs. (min 4 students/max 8 students) Do you have a home defense plan? Does everyone in your household know the plan? Are you prepared for the aftermath of a home defense shooting? Our Home Defense course focuses on the necessary planning and proper application for defense against a violent home invasion. We […]

Illinois Concealed Carry Renewal

$50 / 3 Hrs. (min 6 students/max 12 students) Has it been 5 years already? It’s time to renew your concealed carry license. Our course covers the minimum 3 hour state requirement for renewal of your IL concealed carry license. There will be classroom discussion about the legal use of force, prohibited carry locations, and […]

One-on-One Instruction

$60/hour (Includes Range/Simulator Fees) Description: If you are looking for a more personal training experience, a private lesson is the way to go. One-on-One Instruction is available for any of the training we provide and can be tailored to fit your experience level. Requirements: Students must be at least 18 years old unless accompanied by […]

Illinois Concealed Carry

Are you ready to exercise your 2nd Amendment Rights? In the state of Illinois, we are required to have a license to carry a concealed firearm. Our concealed carry course offers the 16 hour state requirements and so much more. We don’t stop with the minimum, we ensure that our students get all of the experience […]


Defensive Knife Tactics – Beginner/Advanced

$75 each or $125 for both / 3 Hrs. each (min 6/max 30) Do you carry a knife for defense? Do you know how to use it for more than just opening boxes? Our Defensive Knife course covers knife selections, carry options, deployment techniques and defensive responses. We will discuss the legal use of force […]

$75.00 – $125.00